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Your favourite restaurants don't deliver? Order through the Meal Butler Club app and your Meal Butler will deliver to everywhere in Metro Vancouver.

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How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

How Meal Butler Club works

Meal Butler Club is a marketplace platform that connects Customers with Meal Butlers, who are essentially food delivery couriers. Planning on buying food from your favorite Pho restaurant that doesn’t deliver? Post a job order for a Meal Butler and get your food. Because we use a job bidding system, meal deliveries are always competitively priced and transparent.


Who are Meal Butlers?

Meal Butlers are people who have signed up to take on food delivery jobs for money. They could be students trying to earn part-time cash, taxi or ride-sharing drivers looking for extra gigs in between dead miles, someone looking to earn some cash during their regular commutes if it’s on the way, or basically anyone who would love to earn some money delivering food for others.

What restaurants can I order from?

You can order from any restaurant as long as the food can be delivered within 75 minutes by your Meal Butler from the time of pickup to the time of delivery for quality reasons. Restaurants do not have to be partnered with us in order for Meal Butlers to deliver their food. For vendors who are partnered with Meal Butler Club, expect to enjoy special promotions and prices from them from time to time.

Can I include items from multiple restaurants in my order request?

Yes! There are no limitations to what your order should look like or where it should be from. Just post the order request and wait for a Meal Butler to bid on the job. A small caution though, if the order is more complicated or would take longer time to fulfill, expect to receive higher-priced bids from Meal Butlers.


2. Pricing and Payments

How much does a delivery cost?

There is no fixed delivery price. The price of delivery is determined solely by the supply and demand of Meal Butlers and order requests. The easier your order request is, the more popular it becomes among Meal Butlers and the more bids it receives, thus lowering the delivery cost. If the order request is more time-consuming and inconvenient to fulfill, Meal Butler bids may become less competitive and be priced higher.

Is there a markup in the menu prices?

Unlike other food ordering and delivery platforms, Meal Butler Club never charges a markup in the menus. What we charge for a menu item is the same price you would normally pay for at the restaurant, and even cheaper sometimes if it is a partner restaurant and there is a promotion on. If you discover a discrepancy between our menu prices and the actual restaurant's menu prices, let us know and we'll fix it right away!

3. Security

What prevents a Meal Butler who has already accepted a delivery job to abandon the job halfway into it?

Meal Butlers can only cancel a job if there are issues with the vendor side in terms of order fulfillment. In such a scenario, the User will be notified as soon as possible of order fulfillment issues. If there are uncontrolled factors such as accidents or other emergencies to the Meal Butler, we will try to find a replacement for you and make sure the delivery succeeds. Any possibility of misconduct by a Meal Butler for job abandonment will be investigated by us and dealt with appropriately.

Are potential Meal Butlers vetted in any way before they can become Meal Butlers?

All Meal Butlers must provide official identification in their application for security reasons. We will also conduct random checks and interviews with Meal Butlers from time to time to ensure service quality. Meal Butlers are also expected to be familiar with Meal Butler Club policy and know exactly what our standards are.

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What is Meal Butler Club?

Meal Butler Club is a peer to peer food delivery platform that connects Customers and Restaurants with Meal Butlers looking to make some money.

Even combine large orders from multiple restaurants for a party?

We can do them all.

Want something from Stepho's?

How about Anton's Pasta?

Phnom Penh maybe?

Steveston Pizza?

Even combine large orders from

multiple restaurants for a party?

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Download now on your app store

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When does a Customer pay for the order?

The Customer's credit card is charged when a Customer accepts a Meal Butler's bid. The Customer does not need to pay or tip the Meal Butler upon order delivery.

Can a Customer cancel an order?

Yes, but unfortunately at this point we cannot issue a refund to the Customer for cancellations. The Customer may gift the order to a friend or neighbor or donate it to charity.

Does the Meal Butler pay the restaurant first?

Yes, the Meal Butler pays for the order first at the restaurant. We pay the Meal Butler all monies earned and owing at the end of every day. We have a strict payment policy in place so Meal Butlers never have to worry about being out of pocket for a cancelled order.

We may be able to provide pre-approved Meal Butlers a cash float that they can use to pay for orders first at the restaurant. Specific qualifications, fees, terms, and conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

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